Tourist Villas ''The TWO''

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture - Single Family
Firm LocationPodgorica, Republic of Montenegro
Project locationDjurasevici, Montenegro
CompanyStudio Synthesis architecture&design
Lead ArchitectSonja Radovic Jelovac
Design TeamMSc Sandra Lalić, architect, Marija Lukic, architect, Bojan Stanković, architect
ClientJelena Sikima and Ana Graupner-Sikima

The villas are located in Đuraševići Settlement, Montenegro, on a plot between a local road and the sea. The most striking feature of the design is the connection with the sea, achieved through the deck and cascaded terraces coated, together with the semi-basement, in stone excavated at the very plot, thus inextricably linking the lower zones of this building to their natural setting. With its linearity and whiteness of simple cubical forms in correlation with the surrounding, these buildings pose an exceptional example of urban integration into sensible marine landscape of Tivat bay.