[IAPA PTY. LTD. - Tengchong Wetland Gene Museum - COVER IMG] photographer:Tan Xiao - studio TEN

Tengchong Wetland Gene Museum

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture
Firm LocationGuangzhou, China
Project locationYunnan province, China
Lead ArchitectPaul Bo Peng
ClientBaoneng Group

The design of Tengchong Wetland Gene Museum mirrors the essence of the natural wetland texture and uses this motif throughout. The selection of a metal mesh roof system covering the main building is inspired by elements of traditional residential architecture. The double-layer white spiral metal mesh softens the edges of the main building and blends it seamlessly into the surrounding natural land form, creating an interesting virtual space between the mesh roof to the main building, providing a perfect provisional outdoor space for the future exhibition hall of the Gene Museum.