[GG-loop - Freebooter - COVER IMG] Freebooter | Biophilic House | Amsterdam


PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Green architecture
Firm LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands
Lead ArchitectGiacomo Garziano
Design TeamGiacomo Garziano, Robbie Nijzen, Simone Peluso, Daniele Colombati, Jan-Willem Terlouw, Piergiorgio Angius, Luis Cascales, Krzysztof Zinger
ClientEsther Dunning, Frank Noë; Gwendoline Gerbrands, Aure Davids

Freebooter is the first residential project designed and developed by Amsterdam-based architecture and design practice, GG-loop. The complex, situated in the center of Amsterdam’s Zeeburgereiland and with an eyeline to the Ij River, consists of two, two-bedroom apartments of 120m2 each. Sensitive to Dutch history, customs and culture, the project took as its starting point the Netherlands' maritime past. Freebooter thus becomes a modern-day "ship on land", with many references to wind, water and sail. The main materials of the build, like a ship's hull, were limited to wood, steel and glass.