[Koichi Takada Architects - Arc - COVER IMG] Artisan bricklayers individually placed more than 300,000 bricks on the façade to create the timeless yet modern look./photo by Tom Ferguson


PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Mixed Use Architecture
Firm LocationSydney, Australia
Project locationSydney, Australia
CompanyKoichi Takada Architects
Lead ArchitectKoichi Takada
ClientCrown Group

Winner of the City of Sydney Design Excellence Competition in 2013, Arc represents an architectural statement that combines craftsmanship and texture to create a contemporary tower that respects the historical context of its surrounding urban fabric. A pair of 26 storey towers with a distinctively arched roofscape becomes the latest mixed-use building to join Sydney’s celebrated skyline. The 300,000 handcrafted bricks blend seamlessly within the adjacent heritage buildings. Materials and details of Arc have a level of intricacy and authenticity that enrich the delicate historic context.