[Trahan Architects - Magnolia Mound Visitors Center - COVER IMG] Timothy Hursley

Magnolia Mound Visitors Center

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture
Firm LocationNew Orleans, United States
CompanyTrahan Architects
Lead ArchitectVictor F. "Trey" Trahan III, FAIA

Situated on high ground adjacent to the Mississippi River, Magnolia Mound was a working plantation established in 1791. Today, Magnolia Mound’s mission is to illustrate and interpret the French Creole lifestyle through educational programs, workshops, lectures, festivals and other special events. The design intent for the project is to emphasize the importance of site and topography as it relates to Magnolia Mound. The minimal intervention seeks to elevate the existing historic buildings and site by establishing a clear threshold for visitors as they circulate around the base of the mound.