Manshausen 2.0

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Hospitality Architecture, Winner in Architectural Design / Green architecture, Winner in Architectural Design / Small Architecture
Firm LocationTromso, Norway
CompanyStinessen Arkitektur As
Lead ArchitectSnorre Stinessen

Manshausen 2.0 is an extension of the Manshausen Resort, adding 3 new cabins and a sauna to the resort, which was completed June 2018. Manshausen is located in the Steigen Archipelago, off the coast of Northern Norway. The Island´s position between majestic mountains and the Barents Sea is in itself the inspiration for the design of a total of 7 cabins and a sauna which, in combination with a renovated old farmhouse converted to library and restaurant, make up the resort. All activities and buildings on the island are focused on respect, connection and exposure to the beautiful surroundings and nature.