[Oopy Arhitectura - PREDEAL PARKINGS - Touristic area Clăbucet-Cioplea-Predeal Accessibility - COVER IMG] Photo: Mihai Covrig

PREDEAL PARKINGS - Touristic area Clăbucet-Cioplea-Predeal Accessibility

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Transportation
Firm LocationBucharest, Romania
CompanyOopy Arhitectura
Lead ArchitectIustin Popescu
Design TeamArch. Octavia Popeea, Arch. Vlad Barladeanu, Urb. Andrei Nicolae, Arch. Oana Cretu, Arch. Ilinca Moroianu, Collaborators: Arch. S. Cilea, Arch. Al. Mantoiu, Arch. F. Buscan, Eng. Mihail Gh. Popescu, Eng. T. Cojanu, Eng. Marian Chirianu, Tech. R. Pacurar Structure: Plan31Ro Phd.Prof.Eng. Kiss Zoltan, Eng. Balint Karoly, Eng. Balogh Cristian, Eng. Tere Sergiu,Eng. Placintescu Toni,Eng. Lukacsi Csaba
ClientPredeal Town Hall

The project consists of two over-ground parking areas (232 and 481 cars) and one at ground level (123 cars) in one of the main ski areas in Romania – frequented by tourists. White walls, metallic sun shades in cold brown, grey metallic frameworks of bridges and stairs are in consonance with the surroundings in height and design. The sun shades visors and open walls allow for permanent air circulation. The softness and simplicity of details and surfaces, as well as the partial blending with the land makes a strong connection with the forest and the mountain hosting them.