[Migdal Arquitectos | Jaime Varon - Abraham Metta - Alex Metta - Via 515 - COVER IMG] Rafael Gamo, Jaime Navarro

Via 515

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Mixed Use Architecture
Firm LocationMexico City, Mexico
Project locationMexico City, Mexico.
CompanyMigdal Arquitectos | Jaime Varon - Abraham Metta - Alex Metta
Lead ArchitectJaime Varon, Abraham Metta, Alex Metta

Vía 515 is a mixed-use complex located in Mexico City’s east end, between the airport and downtown. The 106,000m² project consists of three buildings, each with a designated use: shopping center, hotel, and offices. The arrangement of the volumes on the site responds, on the one hand, to the site’s location within its context and its commercial needs, and on the other, to the structural conditions that are required in lacustrine soil. Vía 515 has become an iconic neighborhood landmark, driving development and growth in Mexico City’s east end.