Shenzhen Futian Meixiang School

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Educational Buildings
Firm LocationShenzhen, China
Project locationShenzhen,China
CompanyCMAD Architects
Lead ArchitectZou Xiuhong
Design TeamChen Muliang ,Chen Zhuo ,Wang Yu,He Jiankun,Chen Guodong,Chen Guojun,Zhao Yaqing,Yu Wangping,Liu Yu,Han Shanfeng,Li Hansheng,Wang Weimin,Xu Wenbiao,Bai Ronggang,Ji Xiaoyu
ClientFutian Education Group

Meixiang School, located at Meilin area of Shenzhen, covers 23,434.34 sq.m of land, with area of structures 49,200 sq.m. The litchi orchard originally growing at the site has been retained as an extension of the unique surroundings and a memory of children in the communities around. The creative design scheme highlights streets and courtyards. The overhead streets and courtyards, which are morphological extension of community life, are designed to serve as a second safer, and more positive and interactive space for growth.