[FUTUREFORMS - Lightweave - COVER IMG] Lightweave animates an underpass with variable patterns of light


PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Installations & structures
Firm LocationSan Francisco, United States
Project locationWashington DC, USA
Lead ArchitectNataly Gattegno & Jason Kelly Johnson
ClientNOMA Parks Foundation

A serpentine chandelier that brings light, interactivity and playfulness to an otherwise dark and inhospitable underpass in Washington D.C. Lightweave uses light to weave together two neighborhoods that have been severed by infrastructure, stitching the urban fabric together again. It translates ambient sounds from the city into dynamic auroras of patterned LED light. Slowly changing effects are activated by the noise and vibration of passing trains, cars and other sounds from the neighborhood. Lightweave animates the underpass and creates a meditative and interactive urban experience.