[Kjellgren Kaminsky Architetcure AB - Ebb & Flow - COVER IMG] Maria Poll & Joakim Kaminsky

Ebb & Flow

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Installations & structures
Firm LocationGöteborg, Sweden
CompanyKjellgren Kaminsky Architetcure AB
Lead ArchitectJoakim Kaminsky & Maria Poll

A tidal wave sweeps through the Trondheim fjord in Norway every twelve hours, raising the water by approximately two meters. The installation highlights the beauty of three stones, lifting them from the others, turned into sculptural objects. Eventually the installation is submerged by the sea as the tide rises. On a larger time span, humans are creating an artificial tidal wave, causing the sea levels to rise due to the greenhouse effect. This development can be halted at the level of one of the three stones, depending on how we curb the emissions of greenhouse gasses.