[RSAA/ Büro Ziyu Zhuang - The Cloud Maze - COVER IMG] Real scene of the installation©Shengliang Su

The Cloud Maze

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Installations & structures
Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationShanghai, China
CompanyRSAA/ Büro Ziyu Zhuang
Lead ArchitectZiyu Zhuang
Design TeamTeam Members: Fabian Wieser, Na Li, Kunyu Zhu, Xin Zhao, Ye Li, Yu Zhao, Jiaqi Jiang. Lighting Consultant: Chloe Zhang. Structure Consultant: Yanghui Zhang. Construction Team: Shanghai Biaoguan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

The installation is four meters high, with metal mesh curtains hanging in circular paths from a structural frame. The curtains form a glossy surface that filters the sun and creates a sense of twilight. Depending on the height of a section, different floorplans will present themselves, offering different ways through the labyrinth. The maze is a microcosm of the city, where people meet or separate. In recent years, strangers have increasingly met and became acquainted online. Nowadays people are looking for ways to return to real life and re-recognize themselves in this metaphorical city.