PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture
Firm LocationBangkok, Thailand
CompanyPlan Architect
Lead ArchitectSinn Phonghanyudh
Design TeamSomsak Chanokprasit, Wara Jithpratugs, Anak Boonprasartsuk, Chayothorn Songtirapunya
ClientThe Golden Jubilee Museum of Agriculture Office

Rise from the Earth is the main concept of this museum office, the architecture itself rises up from the ground and the ground unified with the building. Trees are placed over the rooftop to link with landscape, to become one.The Golden Jubilee Museum of Agriculture is well-known as a place that propagate knowledge about all kind of agriculture in Thailand. This new office serves as a welcoming space for all visitors who come to visit the museum. Visitors will be placed here and will be introduced to the key objective of the institution before entering the main exhibition or any other parts.