[SPORTS - City Thread - COVER IMG] Photographer: Garey Gomez, http://gareygomez.com/

City Thread

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Installations & structures, Winner in Landscape Architecture / Small Scale Landscape Projects
Firm LocationSyracuse, United States
Project locationChattanooga, Tennessee, USA
Lead ArchitectMolly Hunker and Greg Corso
ClientCity of Chattanooga / River City Company

City Thread is the winner of an international design competition to transform a formerly unused alley in downtown Chattanooga, TN into a vibrant public space and help catalyze revitalization of this part of the city. Consisting of a continuous linear steel tube and painted graphic surfaces, the project physically connects visitors and local tenants with a single gesture while also breaking down the alley into intimate “urban rooms”. City thread is envisioned as a piece of urban infrastructure that supports numerous programmatic possibilities and conditions.