[Fogarty Finger - The Dime - COVER IMG] The Dime/Alexander Severin

The Dime

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture - Multi Unit
Firm LocationNew York, United States
Project locationBrooklyn, New York, United States
CompanyFogarty Finger
Lead ArchitectChris Fogarty, AIA
Design TeamChris Fogarty, AIA – Principal-in-Charge, Harshad Pillai – Director, Jacob Sandmann, AIA – Associate, Bhumika Desai – Project Architect, Candace Rimes – Associate Director, Julie Molloy – Designer, Alejandra Rojas – Designer, Ayaka Hales – Designer, Iman Johnson – Designer
ClientCharney Companies & Tavros Holdings

Located at the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge and adjoining the existing Dime Bank, our team has designed a new 23-story tower merging retail, commercial, and multifamily residential units. The façade is composed of a plaid network of tactile, white terra cotta panels and dark horizontal insets. The soft, curvilinear form of the building provides generous light and unobstructed views to all five boroughs. In addition to 177 apartment units and two penthouses, the building houses an amenity floor featuring a full-service gym, business and residential lounges, and an outdoor roof deck garden.