[Buoyant Foundation Project/University of Waterloo - The Buoyant Foundation Project - COVER IMG] Nao's House Floating with the Flood

The Buoyant Foundation Project

PrizeWinner in Products / Sustainable Products
LocationCambridge, Ontario, Canada
CompanyBuoyant Foundation Project/University of Waterloo
Lead DesignerElizabeth English
Design TeamPham D. Tien, Nguyen V. Truoc, Teresa Tran, Thanh Tran
ClientGlobal Resilience Partnership

The Buoyant Foundation Project, at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture, has developed a low-cost flood risk reduction and climate change adaptation retrofit for buildings to foster sustainable and resilient communities. Our product is composed of recycled buoyancy elements and other locally available, cost-effective components. The retrofitted homes float passively during flooding while remaining grounded under ordinary conditions. This allows households to remain safely in place during floods, without damage. Our earth-friendly approach works in synchrony with natural flood cycles, rather than trying to control the forces of nature.