[EDG - Synthesis 3D - COVER IMG] Synthesis 3D by EDG

Synthesis 3D

PrizeWinner in Products / Building Envelope & Construction Materials
LocationNew York, United States
Lead DesignerJohn Meyer
Design TeamSteven Tsai, Richard Unterthiner, Qi Yang, Jonathan Shea

Combining customizable 3D printing with algorithmic design, Synthesis heralds a new process to create facades once unimaginable. The technique offers 50+ possibilities for unique designs, pulling from dozens of parameters such as depth, pattern, and color - with variations the user can see in real-time with the pull of an on-screen slider. At the forefront building construction, Synthesis facades are more sustainably constructed, with simple panel replacements at a fraction of the cost. Synthesis’ AI-aided design and custom 3D printing mark the next paradigm shift in architectural design.