Smart Store In Motion Iberdrola, by Casas Em Movimento

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Green architecture
Firm LocationMatosinhos, Portugal
CompanyCasas Em Movimento
Lead ArchitectManuel Vieira Lopes

Our mission is to design, build and deliver the Buildings of the Future! Buildings In Motion designed to follow the sun, allowing different views and spatial organizations through the day, while producing surplus clean energy (e.g.: to power EVs). The Smart Store In Motion Iberdrola, by Casas Em Movimento, is the first of its kind, and the aim is to replicate this concept globally. It can rotate to follow the sun, but it can also be controlled through smartphone. The photovoltaic roof also tilts, up to 45º. “The world is asking for this, and we are pioneers!” by Pritzker Architect Souto Moura