[Thomas Abraham - The Crystal Hall - COVER IMG] Birds eye-view of the Crystal Hall captured live on-site by Ramees C.P.

The Crystal Hall

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture - Single Family
Firm LocationBangalore, India
Project locationBangalore, India
CompanyThomas Abraham
Lead ArchitectThomas Abraham
Design TeamDiana Jacil Prakash, Saad Pasha, Tamilarasan, SVS Constructions, V Tough Glass, Aman Trading, Purushotham, Steven Ram Murthy, Contracts Calicut
ClientPennamma B Thomas

The Crystal Hall integrates sustainability, reuses material, & uses disadvantaged local talent. It has the world's first residential windmill towers, proprietary use of two layers of high-performance glass with a rainforest within, thermal insulation technology & rainwater utilization, thus creating a glocal (global + local) building. It recreates bioclimatic conditions that tackle climate change while using modern materials that are culturally, emotionally & ecologically conscious. Despite this, the total cost of $22 per square foot makes it one of the least expensive buildings of its genre.