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PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Misc. Architecture
Firm LocationParis, France
Project locationNianing, Senegal
CompanyIN SITU Architecture
Lead ArchitectNicolas Vernoux-Thelot
Design TeamIN SITU Architecture, ETECS structural engineer , GA2D builder supervisor, Eiffage Sénégal general contractor
ClientArchdiocese of Senegal

This church is located in Nianing, south of Dakar, on what is known as the “Shell Coast”. The project takes the shape of a shell as its starting point and develops it architecturally, in accordance with the constraints of the brief, the site and the bioclimatic context. The building closes in the north, to protect itself from the hot and dry winds of the Harmattan, and opens towards the west to welcome the cooling trade winds from the sea. The bell tower functions as a “wind tower” that uses natural convection to bring the trade winds into the building and create natural ventilation.