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[Ashok Sinha Photography - Gas and Glamour - COVER IMG] McDonald's (from the book Gas and Glamour) / Ashok Sinha

Gas and Glamour

PrizeHonorable Mention in Exterior Architecture Photography / Historic Exterior
LocationNew York, United States
StudioAshok Sinha Photography
PhotographerAshok Sinha

Gas and Glamour is a tribute to America’s golden age of the automobile, a time when cars themselves were objects of beauty and the act of driving was celebrated. Those cars are no longer on the streets today, but the celebratory roadside vernacular architecture from that era remains. As an architectural photographer, I wanted to connect with that lost design history and capture LA’s car-culture induced optimism and ambition reflected in polychromatic, star-spangled coffee shops, gas stations, car washes, and other structures that once lured the gaze of passing motorists.