[Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates - 52 Lime Street  - COVER IMG] 52 Lime Street, aka 'The Scalpel'/ © Hufton + Crow

52 Lime Street

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Tall Buildings
Firm LocationLondon , United Kingdom
Project locationLondon, United Kingdom
CompanyKohn Pedersen Fox Associates
Lead ArchitectBill Pedersen
Design TeamDominic Dunn, Charles Ippolito, John McIntyre, Dennis Hill, Maria Banasiak, Freja Bao, Sam Edward, Michael Linx, Charles Olsen, Paul Simovic, Natalie Ward, Preety Anand, Simon Bennet, Andrea Gamba, Nicholas Kehagias, Danlu Li, Joan Lin, Concepcion Martin Jimenez, Luuc Schutte, Xiaoxi Song, Thomas Zapoticzny
ClientWRBC Development UK Limited

52 Lime Street, AKA ‘The Scalpel’, is a striking 190-metre office tower in the heart of the City of London. A considered addition to the skyline, it works in conversation with neighbouring buildings to complement the overall composition of the ‘City Cluster’ and improve the public realm. Its simple geometric form is reinforced by partially-reflective glass and bright metallic fold lines and a new public plaza activates the base. A sustainable building, 52 Lime Street has achieved BREEAM ‘Excellent’.