Residency of the Manouchehri Foundation and Institute for Historic Cities

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Restoration & Renovation
Firm LocationKashan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
CompanyParisa Manouchehri Design Studio
Lead ArchitectParisa Manouchehri
Design TeamParisa Manouchehri, Akbar Helli, Hamidreza Ziarati
ClientThe Manouchehri Foundation

In the heartland of Iran, adjacent to the great Maranjab desert, sits the historic city of Kashan. With archaeological sites dating back 8000 years, world-renowned for its glazed ceramic arts, today it is a veritable treasure trove of historic houses. The restoration of this once-dilapidated mansion as the residency of a young Heritage NGO reconciles the past with the present. Executed exquisitely by the finest of craftsmen and women, the design juxtaposes age-old traditions of Iranian architecture and crafts with cutting-edge new materials, details and techniques.