[Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute - The Green Isle - COVER IMG] The Green Isle / Qimin Wu

The Green Isle

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Green architecture
Firm LocationKaohsiung, Taiwan
Project locationKaohsiung City, Taiwan
CompanyChain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
Lead ArchitectKeng-Fu Lo

This restaurant is located in Kaohsiung. The nearly 120-meter landscape pool creates connectivity and the concrete exterior walls are barely painted, decreasing the need for elaborate environmentally-detrimental materials. The use of secondary materials also directly reduced the thermal effects and energy consumption of the building. The use of construction and decoration materials takes into account the possibility of recycling and reduces the consumption of resources. Surrounding the base are over 250 large trees and it lies close to a subway line, further reducing the carbon emissions from the project.