[West-line Studio - Wharf Memory: Renovation of Bingan Old Town - COVER IMG] On Bingan’s main commercial street the renovated Memorial Hall stands as the symbol of the revitalized town/West-line Studio

Wharf Memory: Renovation of Bingan Old Town

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Restoration & Renovation
Firm LocationGuiyang, China
CompanyWest-line Studio
Lead ArchitectHaobo Wei,Jingsong Xie

The long term restoration of Bingan Wharf comprehensively sums up the architects’ research on Guizhou mountain villages’ architectural styles, carried out in order to promote a more conscious restoration, which pays homage to tradition. At Bingan architects, we took into consideration the villagers first — as the principal tool to revitalize the old town, offering new spaces and facilities for multi-format business. The resulting Memorial Hall is the best example of this approach: the renovated hall aims to hide in between Bingan’s traditional wooden buildings, creating a new surprising and contrasting experience within.