[Ventura + Partners - Nefrodouro Dialysis Clinic - COVER IMG] Nefrodouro/Nelson Garrido

Nefrodouro Dialysis Clinic

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Healthcare Architecture
Firm LocationPorto, Portugal
Project locationSanta Maria de Lamas, Portugal
CompanyVentura + Partners
Lead ArchitectManuel Ventura
ClientNefrodouro, Centro Médico Douro S.A.

Nefrodouro mirrors and extends the tranquility of the place where it was built. The project’s ambition was to create a hemodialysis clinic that would make the medical procedure as simple and comfortable as possible for the users. The building has a parallelepipedic shape and horizontality is one of its main characteristics, which not only transmits serenity but also facilitates circulation. The geometric purity is clear in the spans and panels of the facade cladding, replicating the windows’ shape. Marked by functional efficacy, Nefrodouro is a space markedly different from conventional clinics.