[KTX archiLAB - Cloud of Luster Chapel - COVER IMG] ©Stirling Elmendorf

Cloud of Luster Chapel

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Other Architecture
Firm LocationHimeji, Japan
CompanyKTX archiLAB
Lead ArchitectTetsuya Matsumoto
Design TeamMotoaki Takeuchi, Farid Ziani

“The Day” — the dream day, the happiest day — is shiny, glittering and sparkling. At the wedding ceremony, it is time to wear a white wedding dress and get into the bright white cloud — a Cloud of Luster. The cloud-shaped Chapel is all white, a minimalistic ceiling, free of any technical equipment, is supported by round columns with a hyperbolic cone head. The interior space is enveloped in round glass, opening it to the garden and an outside basin, letting daylight fill the space and brighten hearts.