Generali Tower

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Mixed Use Architecture
Firm LocationLondon, United Kingdom
CompanyZaha Hadid Architects
Lead ArchitectGianluca Racana
Design TeamPaolo Zilli, Marco Amoroso, Agata Banaszek, Gianluca Barone, Cristina Capanna, Alessandra Catello, Sara Criscenti, Alexandra Fisher, Marco Guardincerri, Subharthi Guha, Carles S. Martinez, Marina Martinez, Mario Mattia, Giuseppe Morando, Massimo Napoleoni, Massimiliano Piccinini, Matteo Pierotti, Luis Miguel Samanez, Mattia Santi, Letizia Simoni, Alvin Triestanto, Roberto Vangeli, Fulvio Wirz

Located above the new Tre Torri station on Line 5 of the city’s metro system, CityLife opens the 90-acre site to year-round public use for the first time; providing new civic spaces, public parks and residential areas, in addition to shopping districts and corporate offices. CityLife will include 1,000 new homes, offices for more than 11,000 staff, a new 42-acre public park, piazzas and kindergarten. The tower houses up to 3,900 employees, to meet Generali’s continued growth as one of the world’s largest financial institutions.