Garden Hotpot Restaurant

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Other Architecture
Firm LocationChengdu, China
Lead ArchitectLu Yun
Design TeamLu Yun, Xu Jiandan, Sun Qiming, Chen Xue, He Yixiu, Liu Xiaoqiao, Rong Dian, Zhou Shangyun
Client Xinhua Nufang Restaurant

The project site is known for its superior ecology, close to nature and far away from noise. Therefore MUDA-Architects have taken this opportunity to integrate the local hotpot culture with the natural ecological environment, creating a building in harmony with surrounding nature. MUDA decided to eliminate the architectural scale, leaving out walls, only using pillars and boards to lightly hide the building in the wood. The construction forms along the lake and naturally surrounds the lotus pond, looking like the steams and smokes from the boiling pots curling between the pillars and trees.