[Jonathan Sage Photography - Bundwerkstadel - COVER IMG] Shooting at twilight highlights the intricately restored facade


PrizeHonorable Mention in Exterior Architecture Photography / Historic Exterior
LocationAichach, Germany
StudioJonathan Sage Photography
PhotographerJonathan Sage

Initially constructed in 1773, LBGO Architects were tasked to restore this building for modern living. 'Bundwerk' is the intricate lattice construction seen on the exterior and 'stadel' meaning stable. Photographing at dawn helped me inform the viewer of the architect's design intent of how light filters through the detailed facade into the interior during the day and spills out at night. Planning was essential for this shoot, in particular, to set up multiple cameras to capture the building during the morning twilight, where only a small window of time presents itself with the optimal light.