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Espai CEL - Thermal Spa

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Restoration & Renovation
Firm LocationCalafell, Spain
Company ARQUETIPUS architectural projects
Lead ArchitectMaria Almirall
Design TeamFerran Robusté - architect , Raquel Garcia - delineation
ClientBalneari Termes Victòria

In the historical Termes Victòria Spa Hotel, we propose to enter the spaces created about 250 years ago, used historically for the reservoir deposits of the original thermal water and of the cooled thermal water for the use mainly curative and well-being of people. In that space and also partly in the traditional bathroom gallery, the different swimming pools have been located, each with some characteristic different from the other but all of them created for the purpose of relaxing and enjoying the mineral-medicinal properties of the thousand-year-old thermal water.