[John Wardle Architects - The Ian Potter Southbank Centre - COVER IMG] The Ian Potter Southbank Centre is the home of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music / Photo: Trevor Mein

The Ian Potter Southbank Centre

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Educational Buildings
Firm LocationMelbourne, Australia
Project locationMelbourne Australia
CompanyJohn Wardle Architects
Lead ArchitectJohn Wardle
Design TeamJohn Wardle, Stefan Mee, Meaghan Dwyer, Andy Wong, Kah-Fai Lee, Stephen Georgalas, Megan Marks, Minnie Cade, Alan Ting, James Loder, Jeff Arnold, Barry Hayes, Tom Denham, Alexandra Morrison, Clare Porter, Ariani Anwar, Daniel Sykes, Kristina Levenko, Adrian Bonaventura, Tatiana Malysheva, Bill Kalavriotis, Sumedha Dayaratne, David Ha, Anna Jankovic, Will Rogers, Nick Roberts
ClientThe University of Melbourne

The new home of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music celebrates the activities of music rehearsal and practice – a green room for Melbourne's arts precinct. Outwardly focused and inviting, the building balances the singular concentration required of students with the camaraderie of engaging with others. The building is a place to rub shoulders with fellow music students and experience the artistic milieu of the wider campus and precinct. Learning and rehearsal spaces are interspersed with bell-shaped portholes, hinged panels and disguised windows that generously exhibit the activity within.