Birks Hotel: Restoring a Montreal Icon

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Restoration & Renovation
Firm LocationMontréal, Canada
CompanyNEUF architect(e)s
Lead ArchitectAnh Le Quang
Design TeamMarion Thiébaux, Normand Lepitre
ClientJean Salette - Les Hôtels St Martin Inc.

Designed by renowned Montreal architect Edward Maxwell, the Birks building was originally built in 1894 for the Henry Birks & Sons jewellery store. Partner architect Anh Le Quang and Marion Thiébaux from NEUF architect(e)s worked with designer Nicole Vekemans to highlight the remarkable character of this historic building while updating its architecture to correct deficiencies. Great attention to detail was paid not only to aesthetic elements but also to vital components that would ensure the building’s longevity.