Sanmen Theater/Qiang Zhao

Sanmen Theater

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture
Firm LocationHangzhou, China
CompanyUAD (The Architectural Design& Research Institute of Zhejiang University Co.,Ltd)
Lead ArchitectDanshen Dong, Xidong Qian
Design TeamRongbin Peng
ClientAdministration of Culture, Press, and Publication of Sanmen County, Zhejiang, China

Nested in the heart of the administration and culture district of Sanmen County, Sanmen Theatre is a multi-performance venue where users’ experiences and social participation are priorities. Functions include a 1000 seats auditorium, a cinema, a conference hall, and exhibition spaces. The irregular form of the facade, made up of light golden aluminum panels and glass curtain wall, created a powerful visual impact. It not only indicates the golden coast line and the famous Sanmen fresh crab in culture aspect, but also shows a sense of unconventional open art space.