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[Alketa Misja Studio - Exploring Modern Architecture - COVER IMG] "Palazzo GLA" known as "The Columns" in Tirana, is built in the 1940 in the Style of Rational Modernism by the Italian architect Gherardo Bossio. The photos are captured using a large format 4x5 inch film camera / © Alketa Misja Photography

Exploring Modern Architecture

PrizeHonorable Mention in Exterior Architecture Photography / Historic Exterior
LocationTirana, Albania
StudioAlketa Misja Studio
PhotographerAlketa Misja

The photos are part of the personal project "Exploring Modern Architecture in Albania". It is a photography research in the beginnings of Modernism, that starts in early 1920 and continues in 1940, which later influenced the post-war modernism in architecture. An important period in history that marks the development of main Albanian cities as modern European urban centres. An optimistic period in history, but which has been forgotten and not very much appreciated. In the photos is shown "Palazzo GLA" (today National Archeological Museum), built during 1940 in the style of Rational Modernism.