[k20 Architecture - Bayswater Early Year's Hub - COVER IMG] Photo: Peter Bennetts

Bayswater Early Year's Hub

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Green architecture
Firm LocationSouth Melbourne, Australia
Companyk20 Architecture
Lead ArchitectAnthony Uahwatanasakul
ClientKnox City Council

The Bayswater EY Hub is a prolific building in the Early Year's sector — it is Australia's first civic-wellness centre that has been designed to have 100+ year lifecycle, setting a new benchmark for council and government bodies nationally. Bayswater EY Hub enhances the end-user experience, promotes health/wellness, and education to the Knox communities, alongside respect to the surrounding nature and ecology of our land. It is designed to run off-grid, to reuse water and to minimise ongoing operation and maintenance costs. All materials utilised were selected for recycled content, low toxicity and durability.