[NAKAMURA KAZUNOBU DESIGN-WORKS - Kasane no Irome - Piling up Colors - COVER IMG] Color light that Piling up produces

Kasane no Irome - Piling up Colors

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Exhibition
Firm LocationYokohama-city, Japan
Project location23-21 Sakuragaokacho,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo
Lead ArchitectKazunobu Nakamura
Design TeamEnvironment Design: Kazunobu Nakamura, Produce & Dancer: Egiku Hanayagi, Koto player: Etsuko kawaguchi, Lighting-design: Theaterbrain/Masao Igarashi, Production: Tashibu to Fukushima, Stage director: Noriyuki Shirato, Photograph: Atsushi Ishida

A stage design of Japanese Dance. It has been a Japanese custom from ancient times to pile up colors, in order to express a sacred thing. Also, piling up paper with square silhouettes has been used to represent sacred depth. I designed a space that alters the atmosphere by changing to various colors with such square "piling up" as a motif. Panels flying in the air, centering on the dancers, cover the sky above the stage space and depict the appearance of light passing through the space that can not be seen without the panels. A space that draws light strikingly, develops Japanese Dance.