[JINGU PHOENIX SPACE PLANNING ORGANIZATION - Sui Han San You Restaurant - COVER IMG] Photos: Yinxiang Arch Photography

Sui Han San You Restaurant

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm LocationChaozhou, China
Lead ArchitectHui Ye
Design TeamChen Jian, Lin Weibin, Chen Xuexian
ClientMr. Lin

The project is an upscale restaurant serving private home-style cuisine. It's a two-storey space, with a high ceiling on the first floor, which is a great advantage. Designers adopted Tang-style wooden structures, beams and columns to construct the architectural framework, and utilized austere materials to create a magnificent elegance within the space. For the reception area at the lobby, the designers added a wooden structure to the ceiling, so as to lower the height of this area, eliminate the sense of distance from guests, and achieve the harmony and contrast of spatial proportions.