[Studio A+ - The Beijing Rings Coffee - COVER IMG] Photo by: Su Chen

The Beijing Rings Coffee

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Other Interior Design
Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationBeijing, China
CompanyStudio A+
Lead ArchitectMin Wang
Design TeamMei Ding, Wuting Li, Hui Li, Shutao Lu, Wenwen Zhang, Ying Xu, Jiajing Li, etc.
ClientBeijing National Aquatics Center Ltd.

Located inside of the National Aquatics Center, the Beijing Rings Coffee serves as a social platform for elites in the Chinese sports industry. Two major spaces representing the beauty and spirit of water and ice are entitled to the ‘Hall of Water’ and ‘Hall of Ice’ respectively. While the former is the main coffee space, the later is a multifunctional room where lectures, conferences and media interviews take place in. In a space of neutral warm gray color, a set of colorful large art installation throughout the entire space becomes the major attraction atmospherically and aesthetically.