[ENOTA - Koper Central Park - COVER IMG] enota koper central park_aerial view (photo Miran Kambic)

Koper Central Park

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Public
Firm LocationLjubljana, Nazorjeva 6a, Slovenia
Project locationKoper, Slovenia
Design TeamArchitecture: Dean Lah, Milan Tomac, Peter Sovinc, Polona Ruparčič, Peter Karba, Jakob Kajzer, Carlos Cuenca Solana, Sara Mežik, Nuša Završnik Šilec, Jurij Ličen, Eva Tomac, Goran Djokić. Greenery: Spicy Garden.
ClientKoper Municipality

Koper Central Park offers a uniform and attractive appearance, and it drowns the heterogeneity of the surrounding built structures with its intensive hinterland greenery. The basic building blocks of the innovative layout of a new city park are monolithic, undulating urban elements. Their controlled placement in the space in combination with a pronounced topography of the green surfaces softly divides the whole of the park's surface into individual introverted programme isles. The planted portion of the landscape design is laid out with indigenous Mediterranean vegetation.