[YIFANG ECOSCAPE - A resilient design for Weiliu Wetland Park - COVER IMG] Children were having fun in the aquatic playground

A resilient design for Weiliu Wetland Park

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Large Scale Landscape Projects
Firm LocationBeijing, China
Lead ArchitectBo LUAN, Xin WANG
ClientXianYang Municipal Government,Shanxi province, China

We built a piece of integrated "Green Infrastructure" on the floodplain of Wei River outside Xianyang City, which created a resilient landscape that would not only protect the city from flooding, but also help manage its stormwater, purify discharge water from a wastewater plant for reuse, restore the local aquatic environment and assist natural floodplain recovery process. It had also brought back a taste of rural lifestyle and natural experiences for the urban residents in the area, at the same time saw the improvements for the surrounding area in both social identity and land value.