PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Small Scale Landscape Projects
Firm LocationUppsala, Sweden
Project locationUppsala, Sweden
CompanyWhite Arkitekter
Lead ArchitectGustav Jarlöv
Design TeamGustav Jarlöv, Jens Modin, Jonas Runberger, Vladimir Ondejcik, Andreas Milsta, Torbjörn Eliasson, Sam Keshavarz, Viktoria Walldin, Hanna Linde, Hamia Aghaiemeybodi, Rikard Sjöberg, Christian Wallenborg, Pedram Seddighsadeh
ClientUppsala municipality

Forumtorget is the result of an architectural competition to revitalize a square in central Uppsala. Our design builds on the history of the square as a gathering place for manifestations and youth hang out. It consists of three elements: a continuous multilevel sofa, dark granite paving, and a circular plateau that can be used as a stage. The sofa was designed using computational design techniques in close collaboration with social sustainability experts to create a complex, varied form that provides comfortable seating regardless of body shape or physical abilities.