Galaxy World Kindergarten Landscape

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Educational
Firm LocationShanghai, China
Company Lacime Landscape
Lead ArchitectYi Zhang
Design TeamYi Zhang, Jing Wang, Jianbang Hou, Xuelong Huang, Donghao Wang, Pengcheng Li, Bifeng Zheng, Jiabin Yuan
ClientGalaxy Holding Group East China Branch

The project is a community kindergarten located in Galaxy World Nanjing, China. In modern city life, many parents are afraid that their children may lose at the starting line, so young students are often under heavy pressure. In order to cope with such a stressful environment, the designers hope to make an interesting design in this kindergarten project which will bring more fun to kids. When the project is completed, the building cluster with modern fold line design looks like an exquisite gift box, and the landscape is papercraft and also a silk ribbon to wrap up and highlight the building.