[Archismith Co., Ltd. - The Glass Fortress - COVER IMG] The Glass Fortress/ Photo by Spaceshift Studio

The Glass Fortress

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Commercial Architecture
Firm LocationBangkok, Thailand
CompanyArchismith Co., Ltd.
Lead ArchitectJirawit Yamkleeb
Design TeamSukonthip Sa-ngiamvongse, Takol Pattanopas, Thanaphon Phumipanchaphak
ClientSansiri PLC

The building serves as the sales office for a condominium project in Bangkok. In line with the large green space provided at the main development as a strong selling point, the sales office sets aside some of its land along the street, to become a pocket park in a bustling urban area. To make it stand out, the project features about 20,000 glass blocks, with a secret garden hidden inside. The facade changes its look perpetually, following the condition of sunlight and the shifting shadow of trees. At night, the glass blocks are illuminated, turning them into a giant glass lantern.