[GN (Shanghai)Architecture Design Office CO. Limited. - Tencent (Wuhan) R&D Center - COVER IMG] Wu Qingshan, Zhang Yong

Tencent (Wuhan) R&D Center

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Commercial Architecture
Firm LocationShanghai, China
CompanyGN (Shanghai)Architecture Design Office CO. Limited.
Lead ArchitectLijiang Shen
Design TeamSun Chengyu; Shi Zhenglei, Ding Hao, Sun Lingqing, Wu Youde, Xiong Ying, Qiu Xiarong
ClientTencent Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.

As the first office building beside Tangxun Lake, the project needed to solve and alleviate the rapid iteration of demands and consequent conflicts via the design. The five-storey building covers a total construction area of 75,000 sqm. The plane is shaped by fold lines, which were used three times and the building is linearly stretched along the lake, creating more viewable angles of lake scenery. On each floor, a maximized office area is supported by multiple vertical traffic cores. In this way, efficient communication and collaboration are achieved, along with intensive and flexible use of space.