[Belzberg Architects - Camelback Residence - COVER IMG] © Bruce Damonte

Camelback Residence

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture
Firm LocationSanta Monica, United States
Project locationParadise Valley, Arizona, USA
CompanyBelzberg Architects
Lead ArchitectHagy Belzberg
Design TeamBarry Gartin (Project Manager), Cory Taylor (Project Architect); Project Contributors: Chris Arntzen, Ashley Coon, Susan Nwankpa

Camelback Residence optimizes the user experience while protecting from the harsh desert climate. Materials were selected for durability: 12”-thick cast-in-place, exposed concrete walls; floor-to-ceiling glazing; and 30’ steel cantilevers that span over 33’. Bands of windows at the foot of walls along with clerestories created by the staggered roofs add significant structural complexity and give the house paradoxical weightlessness. Together, the elemental palette reduces heat gain, shades outdoor areas, and allows natural ventilation and indirect natural light to reach the core of the plan.