The Visitor Center of the Grand-Canal in Hangzhou/ZYARCH Photographer Studio

The Visitor Center of the Grand-Canal in Hangzhou

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Transportation
Firm LocationHangzhou, China
Project locationHangzhou, China
CompanyUAD(The Architectural Design& Research Institute of Zhejiang University Co.,Ltd)
Lead ArchitectJihuang Shen, Xidong Qian
Design TeamWanli Xuan, Jianfeng Hu
ClientThe Grand-Canal Development Construction Group

The visitor center of the Grand-Canal in Hangzhou is a landmark complex which includes a port terminal center, a bus station, F&B, and other commercial facilities. Located in the heart of the Grand-Canal commercial district, this visitor center aims to be “a strong anchor point” to connect the entire cultural development with the urban grain. The concept of the “bridge”, a traditional Chinese form, is used to create a slender building, responding to the canal next to it. It provides transfer paths and sightseeing places above, and public space below to achieve an efficient transport system.