[Genton - Frankston Station - COVER IMG] Entry - Peter Clarke

Frankston Station

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Transportation
Firm LocationSydney, Australia
Project locationFrankston, Victoria, Australia
Lead ArchitectMarc Debney
Design TeamMarc Debney, Steven Toia, Jamie McCutcheon, Vicente Osorio, Nicole Mechkaroff, David Sookun, Dinel Meyepa, Christopher Phillips, Sofia Turtle
ClientLevel Crossing Removal Project

The Frankston Station project delivers the Victorian Government competition brief that called for a building that could both satisfy the requirements of a functioning station and improve amenity for commuters. Furthermore, the station also meets the need for a civic scale structure, that could respond to the context and revitalise central Frankston. Genton re-interpreted station design principles to create a building and urban precinct that connects in with the surrounding streets and reflects the unique coastal identity of Frankston - through its materiality and form.