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icoma headquarters

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Workplaces
Firm LocationMadrid, Spain
Project locationVitoria-Gasteiz, Alava, Spain.
Companyentresitio SLP
Lead Architectestudio__entresitio
Design TeamMaria Hurtado de Mendoza, Cesar Jimenez de Tejada, Alvar Ruiz Villanueva, Maria Urigoitia Villanueva, Belen Gonzalez Aranguren, Carlotta Albini, Eduardo Blanes, Peio Erroteta, Carlos Diaz del Rio.

The new offices for icoma, the medical professional association in the region of Alava in Spain, are implemented on an existing space in a residential building, connecting the street-level space with the one on the second floor. The adaptive reuse of the existing space involved the aperture of two small glass courtyards, new light sources for the ground level that allowed for an open plan in visual continuity, and the definition of a new glass facade to the street; a new skin of glass channels that provides a curated balance between privacy and publicity.