[S/LAB10 - Mantab Workplace - COVER IMG] Inspired by Malaysian shophouse vernacular of folding iron shutters, the gold copper alloy folding panels are hinged and operable. Photography by Heartpatrick

Mantab Workplace

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Workplaces
Firm LocationJohor, Malaysia
Lead ArchitectJason Sim
Design TeamHao Wang, Fion Hsu, Liz Siew
ClientMantab Group Sdn Bhd

The project inherits the existing house’s basic structure. A strong theme of bold yet methodical contrasts, or as the designers put it: “intentional mismatches”, is evident throughout, as articulated in the design’s volumetric handling of spaces as well as the contrasting play of colours, textures, materials and, in particular, its complimentary custom detailing, sensual spatial experience and language throughout. And, subsequently, a confident, bold architectural presence and visual identity for the client prudently set within the existing building’s typology.